The Unspoken Danger of COVID-19

31 Jul

Phil 2 14-16

The unspoken danger of COVID-19 for Christians isn’t physical health related, while that is still a very real concern, it is spiritual in nature. I have seen arguments between Christians erupt, disunity spread in churches, and have been told I was a hypocrite by a complete stranger for wearing a mask and a t-shirt that says “Love God, Love People” on it. All this is taking place in front of an unbelieving world that wonders if Christians are any different than they are. Back in college we used to have a saying for this, “Fine testimony!” It was sarcastic but made the point. If your conduct or words before an unbelieving world compromise the gospel, you are focusing on the wrong thing. I am all for vigorous and honest debate but when it becomes disrespectful and resorts to name calling, it has crossed a line that then damages our witness. So whether you think we should wear masks or not, take vaccines or not, lock down or not, send our children back to school in the fall or not; speak to one another in such a way that you shine like the stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life to an unbelieving world.

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