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Are You Rich?

The past two weeks I have been in Nebraska visiting my parents and particularly my mom. She is living out her last days on earth. Spending time visiting her in the nursing home caused me to reflect once again on what really matters in life.

The nursing home is kind of an equalizer. The wealthy and poor, the formerly intelligent and those not quite so, are largely all in the same situation. Living out their last days on earth. As I sat in the dining hall helping my mom eat I would look at the various residents and wonder what stories their lives held. Did they marry, have kids, do well vocationally or struggle, were they largely happy or sad, etc…? Some received visitors and some didn’t and what did that say about them? As I thought about my mom I realized that she is rich, not financially though my parents were always comfortable, but in having my dad as her husband. You see my dad has cared for my mom for years when she could not care for herself. And now that she is near the end, he is with her day in and day out. She is never alone. He is always there to hold her hand, comfort her, make her smile, and put up with her when she is grumpy. She is rich, she has my dad. And you know what is fascinating? That is the nickname she always called my dad. Rich. How true she was.

Right before leaving us Jesus made a statement that makes us as believers rich as well. He said, “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matt 28:20 NIV

We too are rich, Jesus is always with us.

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